We are building a digital monument to the victims of Nazism. Come and join us! As our partner, you can support the campaign in many different ways.

#everynamecounts is an initiative of the Arolsen Archives. Its aim is to build a digital monument to the victims of Nazi persecution. Ten thousand volunteers from all over the world have already participated in the project in 2020. They are digitizing the names and the life stories of victims and survivors of National Socialism.

We have big plans for 2021! We are launching an international campaign to promote our digital memorial project #everynamecounts. With even more volunteers, we could make a much greater impact by digitizing more names and other data for our digital monument. We warmly invite you to participate and give your support to this ambitious project.

New Campaign on Local Remembrance
New Campaign on Local Remembrance

#everynamecounts – everywhere. This is the motto of a campaign focusing on “Local Remembrance” which the Arolsen Archives are launching on May 8 to mark the anniversary of the end of the Second World War. This campaign aims to increase the visibility of small memorial sites and initiatives and to give them a voice to promote the valuable and important work they do.

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Who has joined us so far?

Many international partners support #everynamecounts: More than 200 institutions and companies are already involved, including UNESCO, the Anne Frank House (Amsterdam), and the Auschwitz State Museum. The German Minister of State for Culture and the Media, Monika Grütters, is patron of #everynamecounts:

To mark Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, 2021, many institutions encouraged their staff to index documents on the crowdsourcing platform. During the #everynamecounts week of action in January 2021, our partners and supporters worked very hard to promote the campaign on their social media and succeeded in motivating thousands of people to join in. We are very grateful for their valuable help!

Michaela Küchler

»A person’s name identifies them. Building a digital memorial to these names is very much in tune with the times we live in today. It will be accessible worldwide. It will ensure that this greatest crime against humanity is never forgotten.«

Michaela Küchler, Ambassador (German Federal Foreign Office)

How #everynamecounts works

… and which documents are being made available for processing is explained here by Giora Zwilling, Deputy Head of Archives at the Arolsen Archives:

Julie Balériaux

»We must remember the names of those who were murdered by the Nazis. They were people with lives, families, hopes, and dreams – not just a statistic. As a historian, I think it’s important to contribute to the remembrance initiative #everynamecounts.«

Julie Balériaux, Policy Officer at the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission

This is how you can help

Make our initiative your corporate social responsibility and become part of a project that both educates and unites.

  • Help build a pioneering digital monument to all the victims of Nazi persecution.
  • Take an active stand against hatred, discrimination, and racism. Because the root causes of persecution still exist today.
  • Be part of an international project that transcends national borders, brings people together, and provides an innovative opportunity for civic engagement.
  • Encourage young people all over the world to get involved in remembrance and join in. Now available in five languages: English, French, Polish, Spanish, and German.
  • Keep knowledge of Nazi persecution alive, and build bridges to the present.

#everynamecounts: milestones so far

(as of August 2021)

20,879 registered volunteers
4.5 million document transcriptions*
162,438 messages on our crowdsourcing portal
*The data from each document has to be transcribed three times. Some documents appear in more than one document package.
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