We are building a digital memorial to the victims of Nazism. Come and help us – and stand up for respect, diversity, and democracy!

#everynamecounts is an initiative of the Arolsen Archives. The aim is to build a digital memorial to the victims of Nazi persecution.

We have a lot to do by 2025. We want to get closer to achieving our goal – which is for anyone anwhere to be able search the digital memorial and find all the data it contains. This is a huge task, so we are looking for even more partners to support us.

Who has joined us so far?

Many international partners support #everynamecounts. We are very grateful for their valuable help!

Accenture is a proud supporter of the Arolsen Archives #everynamecounts initiative as a volunteer champion and innovation partner. Starting with one event with a handful of volunteers in 2020, Accenture has now mobilized over 600 volunteers across 35+ cities and 5 continents to support this effort. As an innovation partner, Accenture has utilized leading artificial intelligence, optical character recognition, and other emerging technology to accelerate the impact of the Arolsen Archives’ work.



How can you help?

Support our initiative as part of your corporate social responsibility program and be part of a meaningful project that brings people together.  Your team can participate actively in #everynamecounts and help create a digital record of the data contained in original documents on victims of National Socialism. But we also welcome your own ideas about other things you could do to help us build the digital memorial.

Why not follow us on social media? We publish all the latest news on the various campaigns that belong to #everynamecounts there. You can also find our latest news on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


You can support #everynamecounts …

… by using your good name to promote #everynamecounts and by encouraging your contacts to get involved.

… by showcasing #everynamecounts in your in-house media.

… by encouraging your employees to join in and help us transcribe data from historical documents.

… by seeking out high-profile individuals to lend their face to the media campaign “Stand up for respect, diversity, and democracy.”


How we can help you

We can offer media presence and a positive image transfer for all partners, potential to increase employee motivation, a platform for people from your own organization, international contacts and events, and of course the opportunity to play an active role in promoting a plural and open society.


Five reasons to take part in #everynamecounts:

  1. Help build a pioneering digital memorial to all the victims of National Socialism.
  2. Take an active stand against hate, discrimination, and racism. Because the reasons for persecution are not a thing of the past.
  3. Be part of an international project that transcends national borders, brings people together, and offers an innovative form of civic engagement.
  4. Give the silent majority who support democratic values a voice.
  5. Keep the knowledge of Nazi persecution alive and explore the parallels between the past and the present.


»We must remember the names of those who were murdered by the Nazis. They were people with lives, families, hopes, and dreams – not just a statistic. As a historian, I think it’s important to contribute to the remembrance initiative #everynamecounts.«

Julie Balériaux, Policy Officer at the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission

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Christine Vetter
Christine Vetter
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#everynamecounts: milestones so far

(as of January 2022)

22,442 registered volunteers
5.1 million document transcriptions*
200,153 messages on our crowdsourcing portal
*The data from each document has to be transcribed three times. Some documents appear in more than one document package.
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