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We now provide a digital introduction to #everynamecounts. In just 15 minutes, you can find out about Nazi persecution and learn how important the documents in the archive are today. You can also try out data acquisition (“indexing”) for yourself. The introduction is available in English, German, Polish, French, and Spanish.

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The Arolsen Archives have a wide range of other interesting projects in addition to #everynamecounts: exhibitions, educational materials, and a wealth of background information on Nazi history. Visit our website and find out more about the Arolsen Archives.

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Through #everynamecounts, we want to enable people all over the world to access our online archive. You can already search there for the names of some of the victims of Nazi persecution. Have a look and see which names you can already find thanks to the tireless work of our staff and volunteers.

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The people behind the names
The people behind the names

The multi-media installation for #everynamecounts commemorates the victims of Nazi persecution and projects their names into the public consciousness. Behind every name is a face, a person, a story – a life. We would like to share some of these stories with you, and join with you in remembering that there is a person behind every name.

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#everynamecounts: milestones so far

(as of February 2021)

17,000 registered volunteers
3.5 million documents indexed
91,000 messages on our crowdsourcing portal
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